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Great celebration for our company’s 40th anniversary

A great target celebrating 40 years of activity. We are very proud of this and intend to continue the way opened by eng. Primo Ferrari (the creator of the model Ceramic Instruments far back in April 1977). 

Customers which have used and still use Ceramic Instruments equipment all over the world are thousands after 4 decades. And there’s a reason why! 

Stating that technicians have trusted our service model is witnessing the truth. And we want to thank them for this. 

I can say that several hundreds of technicians witness the importance of our activity and the quality of our instruments every day with their work. 

But suppliers, besides customers, have been fundamental in the establishment and development of Ceramic Instruments. 

Not to forget our staff, working here for decades and caring for the company prosperity and the customers’ satisfaction. 

Women and men spending their best energy to bring forth and strengthen a company which is one of a kind in the world. 

The choice of the staff has always been strategic: skilled and reliable cooperators that commit themselves in the company continuity at the right time. 

Ceramic Instruments can supply instruments and equipment to aid the research and control on raw materials and on the finished product. 

The production of tiles has experienced drastic change over the time, as they have become an home furnishing accessory. Double firing, single firing, porcelain stoneware and slabs are the main passages that have characterised the changing of the ceramic product. 

And Ceramic Instruments has been at the technicians’ side, producing instruments able to meet the many, important norms that had to classify tiles. 

After 40 years, we are witnessing today how our presence is still active and fundamental for qualifying ceramic tiles. 

The continuous exchange with those operating directly in the laboratories has enabled us to be a point of reference for the technicians which have characterised great production transformations. 

Thus, thanks to all customers that have found in us a reliable team, with decades of history, but above all with a vision of the future which has been dynamic and always available to try and solve problems due to changing regulations. 

There are just a few companies in the ceramic district that can actually offer a product fundamental for qualifying tiles and moreover can intervene in real time to solve everyday problems. 

The continuity, the choice of the production quality, the sobriety of conduct, the seriousness in fulfilling the commitments taken and having always been a point of reference for tile manufacturers make Ceramic Instruments, a small-sized company, a basic component for quality control. 

In these 40 years of activity we believe to have also played the role of trainers for hundreds of laboratory technicians, now spread all over the world. We are twice as proud of this result which is acknowledged every day to us. 

The continuous comparison with the most important research and control laboratories, with professional and technical schools in the district have enabled us to be always ready to cope with great changes in technology and production. 

We believe that only continuing to invest in schools, professional training of students and research also at university level we will be able to maintain the leadership of the ceramic product together. 

We have seen a deep generational change, not only of entrepreneurs but of technicians as well, with many young people entering research laboratories of ceramic companies and using our machines and instruments. 

Many years ago, someone was saying: young people do not need reprimands, they need examples, honesty, consistency and altruism from the elder. 

We want to and must continue to be an example for the young generations in time. 

They say that time is given free of charge: maybe it’s true, but it must be spent in the best possible way to make the society you live and work in grow. And this is another commitment we want to take. 

We were here already back in 1977 (as they say, we were in the know about it), we are here today and guarantee to all our cooperators, suppliers and customers that we will be here for many years to come.

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